Hang On

Exhausted.  From those series of activities lead to a sore throat I haven’t got a good time to recover.  Last weekend, I went to Bandung for a work.  Though the work was only organizing things, it still drained my energy.  Fortunately the event held in a nice hotel with a soothing view to a green valley.  In the middle of the rush I can take a deep breath,  catch the greenery to my soul,  covering it with a blow of the wind and the gray shade of the sky.  At each meal,  my colleague and I sit just at the corner of the open air resto. Night by the dark of the valley, morning by the first light of the sun.  I don’t really know what makes it best. The good food or the feeling that I am resting through the hard work.

Back to the office, piles of boxes need to be sort. Though I know that I need more rest, both physically and mentally, I challenge myself to do the work. I can tell that somehow my mind is twisted in the middle of numbers and counting-over.  Glad when it is over, yet my inbox flooded with unread emails need to reply and respond.

Hang On!

Keep telling myself: this is much much much better than those times when I don’t have anything to do.


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