Sore Throat Not Heart

I was exhausted of a series of works.

The week first the office opened with workshops. Small and big. Here and there.Yeah.

The week second continue with computer works. Ensure every teacher registered well with their subjects and so and so related. There are kind different things need to be uploaded to the net but  caused me bored to death. Then instead of diligently see the data I choose to work on files. Papers been piled since before summer now goes to its places.  Books been in boxes now in shelves. Folders been scattered all over the shelves now in order. Lot of physical efforts though it is satisfying to see the result.

The office become more tidy.  Relief.

Weekend come with another rapid activities. Children day that allow the children serve the sermon gave quite an effort to train and to lead them unto a smooth path. After the sermon, series of practice taken place drained my cells.

No wonder at the end of the weekend I had a sore throat.

But I still feel this is better than have nothing to do at all. Cheers.


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