Three days in a row now. Every morning, 6:15 am, I walked through the green (synthetic) grass soccer field.  A shortcut to reach the other edge that lead to the bridge and then to the other gate that lead to another campus. After done with something, I took the same path back to my office. Then, in another several minutes repeat all the way for another things had unsettled. One kilometer each. By 09:00 am I sweat all my pretty dress and by noon I already exhausted.

The nature of workshop days is always like that.  A lot of back-forth walk one campus to another, up and down one classroom to another. This and that, here and there. But this is one of those time when people that got the chance to work with me thank me with great appreciation. This a rare time when I feel right though the pressure are certainly heavy. A precious moments when I get to the really me!

I hope I can treasured it in a box and open it whenever I feel down.

This is my fourth year in this international school. Second year of completely full-time.

I sometimes still miss my past. Once, then, between the flight, I sat in the lounge and think: How nice it will be when I settled everything and live daily in routine only. ~see, I have to be really careful for what I wish~  Now, when I got what I wish, I simply miss those old busy time.


Wish:  I wish that some ‘important’ people at this school will somehow treat the national employee better in the future.  That will help me (and others) not to grumble of our life here *crossed-finger*  I mean, if they could stop bullying us, people are certainly will be happier and more productive. I don’t know why that idea never pass their minds?

Anyway, I also think this weekend I have to set up a better diet plan. I am tired indeed, but two cup of hot chocolate in a day certainly not the answer ~oops~


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