Old? Yes.

Each time I see an old building in the city and each time I was in an heritage spot, a church, a temple or ruins, either here in Jakarta or some other place overseas, I would feel a certain feelings. I feel something move inside my chest. Like my heart is suddenly shaken in excitement. The blood suddenly stir and get me a bit dizzy-of-alcohol feel that pull me closer to explore the site. Happily.

I wonder why is that.

One believe in reincarnation told me that it is related to my previous life. Because I loved temples the most, I could be someone who built a temple or live within its walls. Really, I love temples. I love those old stones with grayish shade and green mold on it. I enjoy the old architecture of the temples and churches more that I enjoy the modern character of the sophisticated new buildings.

It is not hard for me to imagine myself wrapped in those traditional clothes with a flower on my ear walking through temple carrying things for celebration. Wow. It is also chilling to imagine myself being one of those pretty princess :D, or being those of pretty dancers at the temple hall. Somehow I get a feeling being traditional is better and less tiring that this computer based work. Eww.

I can spend hours inside it, take pictures, sit among the ruins or explore each corner of it. I feel like at home. Strange. It is somehow makes me sad to see how the government of this country ignore the heritage and took away the old building (which I sure certainly could be preserve). It surely hate to see the children put on graffiti on kind of walls just because they don’t understand the value of it.

Now I am browsing through the cities. I will certainly visit one of those with most old building in it. Haha.


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