This lately I realized one new thing about me. I am now more cynical. I was naturally like that in the past but now getting sharper and bitter.

Owh. What’s wrong?

I blame the work situation. Trapped in an office without any possibilities of upgrade both salary and knowledge yet seeing around people got promoted while knowing their skills and their workload as much as me! Damn HR manager of her intention to dump me! Sigh. Why cursing? This past three years I endure much unrewarded pain for the ability to devoting my time for my family. It’s been three years.  Gosh. Three years tried hard being humble while somewhat less academic people bully and humiliating me. Three years tried hard to accept the situation as a happiness ~who said happiness is something you choose not something came to you?~  Three years battle. Three years struggle.

That brought me to a no-point. But envy, seeing those fortunately happily ever-after. Then grow to cynical habit. Eventually pessimistic. And pathetic. Oh no!


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