Pretty or Smart?

One conversation with a friend lead to an cynical summary: pretty women are more happier than smart women.  Sure it was not a result of a sophisticated surveillance 😀   I somehow think that is a result of deep disappointment seeing life.

My friend told stories about her friend who was a prettiest girl around. She got married to a son of a general which not only brought the glory of being famous but also wealth. Right on wedding day, she granted a new ~big and fully furnished~ house, new car and a sum of deposit. Along the years, whenever she was having a child, two full-time new maid hired. Never a hassle she experienced.  She even didn’t go through the headache of maid recruitment since everything handled by the in-law. I can tell that the in-law might nosy to her home but compared with the comfort she enjoy… oh my! Private swimming pool, 24-hours car and driver,  two times overseas holiday a year,  unlimited access to daily spa and many more that a woman like me will envy.

My pretty friends are more-less the same.  I can tell since we were still young. The most outstanding boy in school will only see them. Saturday evening while most girl like me watch TV, she picked up by a nice car to the best club in the town.  They don’t need to achieved something academically to make their parents proud because not long after graduation, a rich, a settled, an overseas graduate or a heir of the tycoon is already waited on their door.  Sure their parents will happy to shared such a fortune.

I easily fell into envy seeing their life. They don’t have to working hard to buy a house or a car like what I am doing now. They never know what installment means. If there are installments in their life, it might be for a villa or a diamond.  They never know how to budgeting for spa and make-up considering saving for children education. They don’t endure my pains being trapped in a job I don’t like because they simply left they not-so-rewarding job soon as they married and now posting pictures of their vacation to expensive places over the facebook.  This what I tell not only a case of one person. I already can count to the number of my fingers, times three, no..times, times five…. ah.

What the need of being smart woman? I am smart. Surely can tell through my life achievements. But I don’t go anywhere in term of luxury. I was always using my brain and my hands all the time to reach where I was.  I have no time to being idle nor relax because there are so much to run to.

If  God ever interview me before I was born, I certainly choose to be a pretty woman.


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