I don’t like cats.

For those who loves cats, please open your mind and don’t throw the stone at once. Read more and fell free to tear the page only if you had completely finish.

When I still live in my old house in South Jakarta area, cats are likely to sleep on our doormat during the night. In the morning, when I open the door, they run from that doormat.  Sometimes there are more than three cats.  One day after we return from a holiday, I smell something likely not nice upon opening the door.  I look at the trash bin but it is empty.  To my horror, I heard a noise from inside the closet. As I open its door, I could see the mother cat with some baby cats and blood ~~tell me~~  sat on my new C & K bag ~~just bought for about a month~~.  Apparently, the cat came in from an opened window. She had her babies there and ~~my husband count, not me~~ three of five are alive when two of them are not. Tell me again, but moving a dead baby cat covered with drying blood, and washing the closets with antiseptics is surely not a dream task.  The smell last quite a while makes me gulp in disgust.

I move to another house early this year.  Far from the old one.  But has one similarity,  cats.  If in the old environment the cats don’t have a particular home, now these cats has one owner.  All of the cats stranded around the neighborhood are hers.  She feed them morning and evening at the terrace of her house so everybody could see it.

But the cats are another problem for us.  I no longer left the doormat outside, so they climb the car and sleep on it, left scratch mark on the car.  Some neighbors with fancier cars were actually mad about it.

The cats poo in our grassy yard makes the air has a strange smell ~~I actually fall to the fresh air of the neighborhood and bought that house for that particular reason~~ Do you think cat’s poo kill the grass? Because I lately found that some spot in the yard are yellow and dry which is strange.

The cats tore the garbage bag and cause a messy on the road.  Another work for us to gather it together again.

I somehow asked some neighbor if they talk to the cat’s owner? or the the head of the community? They ~and me~ were too much too polite and think that human relation is more important than possession. Ha.  Okay, hang on cats.


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