Checking on Clothing

I remember once, my sister, while she was studying in the University, asked me to buy her a new pair of jeans. I say yes, with one condition. She has to sorted her clothes collections ~~which is could be use for 4 season, of the many kinds of it~~, send away those she doesn’t need anymore to the poor or whatsoever so the closet won’t be as full as the garbage can!  She agreed.  That’s the first and last time I saw her sorting her clothes. She never has the habit.

I myself is kind of the habitual sorting person.  Time to time, I checked on my clothing,  the drawers, the fridge and else. I am good in disposing things.  I never let any old magazine or newspapers piled high.

Allright, talk about fashion now. When I was in the University, one of the lecturer had everyone in his class wearing tie.  For the girls, we have to wear a pencil skirt with our blouse inserted in. I don’t like the style, since my body shape ~~I think~~ is not somewhat good in that style. I prefer to let the blouse out.  Now,  if I saw the police woman or those cleaning ladies with big bum and has their blouse inserted in their trousers, I reminded to those old days.  I believe not every model fitted with every body shape. Each unique has to find their own style.

Back then, whenever I went to the shopping center, I hardly found any fitted skirt even blouse,  all sold was the pencil skirts. I then just pick whatever might suitable and dream that one day when I have enough money I will have those tailored one.

So I learned that this world I am in now are more friendly to me.  Now, I could choose freely because the vendors now offers different kind of skirts. Any kinds of blouse. There are trends, but still I have the freedom to choose what I like and what I think would be suitable for me.  I am now have the habit of buying then wear it for less than six month before disposing it and buy a new one!

When the trends are for Indian kind blouses, I had about 5 pieces that I could wear one in every working day.  When the trends are for batik blouse, I also wear one in every day. 🙂  As a consequences, my closet filled in quickly.  Every two months, I need to sort it. Made an adjustment to those I don’t like anymore or just moved it to a bag for charity.

Trends is now the only challenge. I also influenced a lot with my environment. When I was a stay-home mom, I wear nothing but t-shirt and jeans.  Sometimes, I felt so outdated when gather with friends because I don’t have anything nicer that that.  When my office is an official director’s, I follow others who wear black trousers with different blouses everyday.  Now,  as I am working in a more flexible office, I sometimes wear short and t-shirt, sometimes jeans and blouse and most of the times wore tiny dress to office.

When think back about those fashion, I shockingly realized that my expenses on those style are the biggest in my budget. I might already spent half of my 10-year salary just for that.  If I checked my old photos, I can tell that each year I wear a different collection. What I wear now is something I bought less than 6 months ago.  Wow. Where is my healthy mind? No wonder I am so poor! Hahaha.

I need to change that habit. Now.


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