Live Happily Ever After

Closing of stories.  …And they live happily ever after…

Is that true that Snowhite live happily ever after with the prince? and Cinderella? What is actually happen? That they are really that happy will makes people envy if it keep tell? Or that the rest of their life had no much interesting intrigue to tell? Or that the rest of her life was simply boring life as same as others experience so no point to tell?

If I looked back at my life, I hardly feel that my life is boring. There usually something in the way. A problem, an obstacle, then a challenge.  A birthday, a gathering and a party.  A wedding, a new baby and a school.  There was always a visit, a trip and a journey to do.  I can not stop, even when I feel not well.  I never stop thinking even when I felt stuck in a dead end.  Never stop being creative even when I was pressurized and depressed.  Never stop struggling and steal moments from each day I could grab.

But suddenly all faded and out.

I don’t feel a challenge nor struggle. No goals to achieve.  Completely no goals. I am contented. I have what I want. I had what I need. I am safe. I live happily everafter.


And I don’t see what the reason I should hurrying wake up and go to the office every morning. I don’t know why I should spend eight hours in front of this computer.  Why I should give up my great ability and limiting myself in this space of what so called safety zone?  I am free, already and  I am new.

Welcome to my complicated world.


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