30 and 60 Minutes

There is one good thing I found from this moving.  Now, I could leave home at 6 am every morning, not 5:30 as I was. I have a luxurious 30 minutes when I could prepare breakfast and take out lunch for me and my son.  Nothing fancy, just boil some vegetables, fried some chicken or fish, mix the salad or spread a bread.  But for me that the most efficient 30 minutes I had.  That the best 30 minutes I could show my love to my son, to save my health from junk food lunch’s and to save my wallet from big expenses. Haha.

Talk about expenses. Cook myself might not be a good idea when I have to share food with others 😦  But to cut expenses, it is a great one. I am no longer confused to choose what to eat or tempted to buy some kind over-delicious expensive food.  What I bought from the market in Sunday morning is enough for the week through. I learn to buy wise and eat wise. Simply of the situation. Hopefully this new habit will bring me to a better end.

As for exercise, I tried to walk around the complex ~~which is quite and nice~~  four days a week. A six round will take about 60 minutes.  I know it is not enough compared to the swimming I did, but at least there is something I could enjoy.

New habit. New me.

Maybe in a while I won’t be a busy-growers anymore. Won’t be a fast-mover anymore.



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