Since I was little I always expecting a nice birthday.  I have some scenario in my mind.  When I was a child, I wish my parents will give me something I like for the special day.  I always love to be given those colorful crayon or marker.  But my childhood pass with only one set of crayon for one birthday and the rest passed without much memory.

When I was teenager, I still wish my parents will give me something I want. I know my parents wasn’t have enough to buy me kind of different think I might want ~~teenagers like to changing style, right?~~ as backpack, shoes, clothes and thinking I will have the chance to ask on that special day.  When I was 16, I asked if my Dad will buy me the colorful backpack that was trendy at that time.  He refused to bought one emphasized that he planned to invite church members for a celebration.  I don’t need a celebration and gathering with church members which mostly are adults not my friends.  The day went with sadness though my house is filled with people.

Another birthday that I remember was when I was 17.  I spent it in the field, practice.  When I was 20, I used my one month teaching honorarium to treat my friend. We went to a nice place upper the city and spent the day out. Picnic and taking pictures.  My friends gave me a box of crayon with a drawing book together with a white blouse.  When I was 22, before graduation, I treated my friends in a new opened restaurant in Bandung.  Other than that? I don’t remember.

Before our wedding day, my husband asked me what I want for birthday.  That’s exactly kind of kindness I want, and I told him that I want a bouquet of flowers. He bought orchids. I will never forget that day.  Simple wish, simple gift and great happiness.  Unfortunately the next year after that he forgot my birthday 😦  After some years with him I was no longer wish he will remember that special day and I started to stop wishing for a nice gift.

Am I? Hmmm. Maybe. Deep inside of my heart still a desire to enjoy a special birthday. Maybe.


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