A Promise

Jakarta is cooler this past two weeks.  I went to the office wearing my favorite jacket which I only wear like once a year in kind weather like this, or if I had to go to a different weather.  Even so, I still feel the strong wind.  Cloud are thick up in the sky and sometimes rain poured as early as the sunrise.

Yesterday, on Sunday morning as I went to the wet market, a perfect circle of rainbow is up in the sky. Amazingly in its clear color and shape.  At the past Monday afternoon as I went back from the office I can see another rainbow.  Two rainbows in a week. Wow. Remember that I live in a city see a rainbow is quite an experience.

Why I so upset then?  Dunno.

Maybe the gloomy weather or could be the daily ice cream consumption.  Leftover from Christmas are still in the refrigerator and need to be done before its due time ~~reasoning!~~ Maybe the chill room or hundred of cookies eaten.  Maybe because all pieces of the puzzle had fall to it right place. Or could be because there are no much challenge anymore.  Hmmph.

Whatever! What I know is that now I just feel not well and not really happy, particularly when I am in the office.  Did try to beat the feeling by wear my favorite perfume, my favorite pants and jacket to the office, put on some music, which usually drag my mood up.  But still I don’t feel okay.  I want to be somewhere else. I want to be away from something that I unable to describe what.  Hmmph again.


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