Adjusting is Forever

Yes I somehow think I need a break.  I was too much too busy last year.  Need sometime to think, to let my mind explore itself and file its memory on its place.  Usually I have a quiet time for myself during the year, especially on my birthday.  As a complicated person, that quiet time for daydreaming and thinking is a big need 🙂

I know understand why people so afraid of being old. I am not old yet, haha, but I start to felt what people talk about. My skin change. It is not as smooth as before, though I put kind of amount of oil or lotion, it felt not the same with what I have years before.  I am not kind of girl who put a lot of thing in the face morning and evening and I started to think I should do it from now.  My face skin getting more complicated, sometimes dry sometimes oily.  I felt my body shape changed. Though I didn’t get weight, my size is the same, I felt bit not comfortable wearing kind of outfit because I felt the lower body getting bigger.  Weird.

So I am now not only adjusting to the new home and new environment.  I also adjusting to the new me myself.  Excusing myself of being not in exercise for one and half month full of christmas food 😦 I haven’t got what will be fit for my exercise now because we are quite far from sport club.  Whether the changes because I am aging or because overstressed still I am on a process of adjusting.  Today I felt more stressful than yesterday.  I need a break, for sure!


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