Everything New?

This is not the first time I moved in my life.  I was moving from home to boarding house.  From boarding house to rented house. From rented house to my own house and home.  Not so bad, right?

Some said moving is a stressful activity. For me its more like an exhausting activity.  Each time pack and unpack. Throw things we think will be not necessary. Buy new things. Found that our furniture doesn’t fit the new place. Buy again.  Huh.  This new house we had, I unpacked for three days. Each time I opened new box, I felt like -oh, where should I put these, we don’t need these anymore.  My son once so angry found that he lost his soccer ball that he put inside one of the box. Tired of seeing the pile, I asked the garbage man to clean it all ~~including the soccer ball that I didn’t know was inside it~~ Thanks God that the house is tidy now. I am no longer working on its paint, or its fence or fix something or clean something anymore.  It’s done, and now I am enjoying the new life!

My son goes to a new school.  I took a new transportation to office. Now in a taxi together with another friend that also lived near to the toll road entrance.  Far now from the mall but close to the garden.  Far from the sport club and swimming pool but close to the paddy field. Well, feel like everything is new.  With the another moving that is office to another building, it will be completely new.

Don’t you think now I need a break?


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