Envy, Inferiority and Pride

Well let’s talk again.

When talk about inferiority, we also talk about pride.  Pretty easy to talk about pride because I saw too much pride in where I work now.  Haha.  Tell me.  Pride is everywhere, though there is no certain trophy for achievements almost everybody I dealt with treated themselves special with high ego to always be served by people.  Haha again.

That’s exactly the result of what-so-pride.  People put their ego upfront.  People think they are the number one. The must important and feel they the only deserved of the first service.  Somehow they failed to understand that above sky there is another sky.

One day, I was in a youth retreat. I wasn’t a participant as I was not a youth anymore :).  I was blend with them.  My husband was the advisor of the youth organization.  In one conversation, I was sat together with some girls, talking about what support had the parents gave to them, the speaker came and join us. The speaker was a successful man who being a director of a good communication company in Jakarta.  Upon his joining, the conversation had gone to different direction. He was completely ignored me and start a conversation with one particular girl that he might interested with.  I tried to be blend and give some comment but I then felt so ashamed and burn because I was completely out. ~~ It happen that whenever we met after that, though he knew my husband, he ignored me.  The look in his face say that I am not worthy to be acknowledge.~~

See, sometimes I could understand the ego. Some people are really rich, really smart, really success or to much to beautiful.  Unfortunately, when they think much of what they had they started to treated people low.  I don’t mind. Surely. When it happen, I don’t try much. I don’t think it will be worthed. I don’t envy of what he had. But I learned a good lesson of what makes people feel inferior,  at a point.

Too much pride makes people go to a different direction with the same load of envy and inferiority.  The three pulling each other and causing different reaction to different people.  It could start anywhere. Maybe because there are too much pride, or too much envy or too much inferiority.  What to cure?  Again inside the devil’s circle.

Huh. Let’s move.


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