Hire A Servant or Do It Yourself (Forever)

In this city of Jakarta, commonly in each house there will be a servant. One or two ladies serve for domestic works and sometimes may include to taking care baby or children.  I can tell that having a servant should be make our life much more easier.

As a working mother, the first four years of my son, I always have a servant at home.  My son need to be fed at certain time, need to take shower at certain time and need to play with.  Things that I won’t be able to do because I was working at the office.  I did not always happy with the servant. See this one.  I asked the servant to prepare a bottle of milk for my son ~~she was I assumed came from a very rural area where hygiene and sanitation standards are low~~  Without washing her hands that was mopping the floor, she got the milk, pour the hot water from thermos and without put in the bottle cap, just her thumbs on the top of it, she shakes the bottle. OMG.  I was horrified imagined that she did that when I didn’t see.  But I realized later that though I taught her a lot of time how to prepare a sterile milk, she never able to understand.

My husband many times were not happy with the servants, because they were so ignorant when ironing his trousers.  One day, I saw him preaching with a pair of trousers had two ironing lines.  I wishes I had time to do the ironing myself, at least just to taking care his clothes, but yet life doesn’t spare enough time for me to keep doing that ~~which is the very reason why I need the servant, rite?~~

Other than those that I mentioned before, I had some other reason why I don’t happy with the servants.  One  sleep too much, woke up much later than us and sleep earlier than us while she also took nap in the afternoon.  The other one never wash her clothes and wore the same clothes each times makes the body smelt so bad.  The other one never brush her teeth.  The other one put the hot iron on my clothes. The other one stole money from my husband’s wallet. The other one put her time much on dating and not working.  Rarely I found a perfect one.

So up to a point, I decide to not hire any servant anymore. I can do house chores myself. Which is true. I am more satisfy with the result.  My son now can take care of himself due to meal and I don’t have to worry if he is by himself at home.  I feel free! I don’t share the worry of my friends who looking for a servant because the current one resigned.  I don’t share the hectic of my friends who in battle to find a servant.  I don’t share the complaints of my friends who not satisfy with their hired-servants’ work.

But I have to admit that sometimes I need a help.  Particularly in time like this, while I feel physically tired and lack of sleep.  I admire those women who able to work in the office or outside home while taking care of children. Doing house-chores after office is fun sometimes, but not all the times.  I hardly kept in the same pace all the time.


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