Against The Crowd

One day in a speech session, the new pastor’s wife make an announcement: “Well, I don’t know how to play the piano and I am not an expert in children’ education. But, I can smile!”

Huh. Smile? Pretty lady has the right to be proud of her beauty. Why she need to smile if she is pretty without it already? *reasoning*

One day in a overheard conversation at the office: “Well, her works are good but she is too quiet. I saw her going everywhere by herself. She not a social person!”

Huh. Social person? Are you talking about gossiping around? *facts*

One day in a friends conversation about why we don’t look much on being rich or famous. Why we so content in what we are now: “We are thinking against the crowd, that’s why we looks weird!”

Aha! That’s me!  Against the Crowd. I love that word! ♥



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