Limited Dream

This morning I was click on someone’s facebook unintentionally. She works in the same place with me but I am not her friend. Why not? Well, let me tell you why….

She and her friend are kindda a popular girls. Whenever ther is an office party, they took the role as the singers, or main dancers to whom people’s eyes would look to. In day conversation they were talking about many different glamorous ~~at least looks glamours to me~~ things like places to go, hip hang-outs clubs to be in, branded outfits to wear and so. I rarely able to follow the flow of those conversation since I am just a simple girl with a simple life. The whole impression that I got from them is: that they are happily single girls with happy colourful life with dynamic never-ending energy to hold the world with those cool friends in their wide networks.

I won’t be able to be a friend with a person like that.

But this morning I got different opinion after seeing what in her facebook. I saw her picture with some of her friends, I saw her picture traveling to other part of the world with her close friend and her boyfriend. But, other than feeling envy, I feel sick. Weird huh? Tell me, why people posting their pictures in the facebook? Because they want to tell the world about their proud life ~~and hopefully to make people envy~~. Why people put a picture of them in front of the statue of Liberty or in the Giza pyramid or in Eiffel Tower other than post a picture taken when they in their backyard? Surely because them, and I and all, want the world knows that we were visiting those cool places so we also looks cool because not everybody in this world lucky enough to be able to go.

Okay, back to the topic. Seeing her collection did not makes me envy, at all. From those proud pictures I could see a girl who her life is less colourful than what I thought. She ~~and her friend~~ is only a girl that had limited life and dream and small circle of life. Her picture is not funny is not cherrie is not alive. It was not more than just people smiles to the camera without much soul. I don’t feel like I think her days are cool or funny and I know for sure that what I had is much more better than those. Somewhat I feel pity of her. If she is a simple girl just like other, why she had to pretend ~~or maybe not pretend~~ or acted like she is a glamour one?

I don’t get it.



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