I was in grade 6 and my younger brother in grade 3. I don’t remember what the story but once my father bought my younger brother a bicycle. Only my brother, not me or my other younger sister. The bicycle just for him not for us.

My father’s younger brother was lived with us. My father asked him to taught my brother to cycled. I do interested to learn too, but uncle never take me at those lesson. One day I caught my brother prepare for cycled, I asked if I can come. He was okay but apparently uncle did not. All the way from home to the track he completely ignored me and left me behind in any conversation. During the lesson, he let my brother on the bicycle most of the time, and when I asked for a turn, he let me but then just sat by himself. Eventually my younger brother is as excited as me though he hasn’t learn much yet. He helped me to learnt by giving kind of different instruction he thought may help me and help to held the bicycle as I cycled.

I dont really understand why uncle so ‘hate’ me when ‘love’ my brother, but I then realized that he was always treated differently for a belief that girls are to be in the kitchen and at home and there is no urgency even need to teach girls anything but cook and clean.

Though that was’t the first time I dealt with unfairness treatment for boys-girls but I can say that is the first time I got the spirit to rebel to the unfairness. From that time I saw my uncle not as a relative but as an unfair agent of power. Later then I became more and more awareness of people different treatment to man and woman, I was ready and armed. I was then more sensitive to the issue.

Some of my middle school’s friend thought that I was brave. Once a man on our way home open his fly and showed us his things. My friends scream and speechless, I directly challenged his eyes and talked in a high tone: “Close it, or I would kick!” I believe not many middle school girl would react that way makes that man looked at me puzzled but then close his fly and go as if there was nothing happen.

Another time, three of us ~~still middle schoolers~~ were followed by three young man when came back from school. My friends were afraid, but I choose an open space to take a turn to faced them and ask: “What you guys want by following us” Those young man looked at each other as I knew they did not expected me to caught them that way. One of them made a movement but then change his mind as I was bravely step up. I didn’t know any karate or other self defense skills. All I have is a spirit to be fair. Girls and women are not to be bully. Girls and women are equal with boys and man.

As I grow up the same spirit is with me and now. I am no longer dealt with a gang of bully but a more bigger and somewhat specific issue like different grade given to boys in a class because the proff thinks girls know nothing about the lesson, a yell from truck driver who thinks they are a better driver than a woman, abusive jokes and poligamy. I still think this world is unfair to woman, no matter what religious justification ever made.


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