Enjoy The Best of It


The day is nearer for us to move. I myself prefer to have things settled soon as possible to enable me to breath out from the pressure of the process. But like a puzzle, I have to wait and carefully let every piece fall on its place. Though the times feels like fly but I still restless and grab every chance I have to enjoy what I have now.

I usually went to the swimming pool twice to three times a week. My work is so much unnatural as I spent most of the time in front of the computer. When I have to walk, it makes me tired cause I have to either walk fast or carry a heavy box in my hand. I don’t enjoy those kind of walk 😛 Nearby in my neighbourhood there are two public swimming pools with low price ticket. When my working schedule is 9-5, I went in the morning when the water is still cold. When my working schedule is 7-3, I went in the afternoon when the sky is blue. Now in November the climate is changing to rainy season, whenever possible I still go to the swimming pool. For a reason, in my new home, there is no nearby swimming pools. I have to change my exercise.

In my current home, seem like everything is on reach. Public transport never cease and groceries stores are many. I can choose from a small shop to a big supermarket chain. Fresh market is also near. In my new home, I still disoriented and not familiar with the public transport. Groceries store are few makes our choices is limited not only by the kind but also the distance.

The air is fresher in our current place and more rain as we are closer to the mountain. Something I know I will miss a lot in the new home. Uh.


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