This latest I was so annoyed by some people. I don’t really know what chemistry is wrong, but somehow my life direction are going in different ways with these particular people. Not only we are so much so different but also so much so unable to accept each other presence.

So one day, this particular person man who been-famous-of-photography when I don’t understand what so cool about what he has taken upon seeing the results and who been-famous-of-being-good-person but I don’t understand why people think like that because he is the very one who cheated on his wife and divorce her and also been-famous-of-being-smart-in-computer but I don’t really feel it is true particulary when compare it with my skills, came to my nerves of his unability to cooperate with other and me. I complained about his behavior to my co-worker and my boss, who are just roll their eyes because they better known than me about he is always non-cooperative. What more interesting to me is what my co-worker said: he is being threatened because I never showed any special appreciation to him not like many people who treat him like half angel.

Oh, okay. This is not new, but still something I want to speak up about. I met some people in my life who is similar to him. Feel not happy when met me and realized that I don’t think they are ‘something’. But, why should they felt like that? They also free to make their judgement about me, right? They can underestimate me or think that I am a loser, there is nothing I will do to their opinion as I believe that everybody is free to have their own opinion. But, obviously, I also don’t care if they think about me that way!

So, some people I met hardly trying to prove how smart, how talented, how rich or how popular they are. They talked and talked about their achievements whenever they can, or making an effort to underestimate me by critize what I did or simply seeing me low. The more I don’t care the more they do it. The more I ignore them the more they make an effort to makes me looks stupid.

If I had to talk about myself, I will do it in this blog. Only.

If I would like to post my all-around-the-world pictures or countries-I-visited photos, I will do it in this blog. Only. Not in lunch conversation nor in facebook. ~~I know only some friends do following this blog ~~

And as those people feel threathened of me being like this? Nothing could change my self esteem nor my pride, not anymore. Let it be.


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