What’s in a Name – 2

I still remember the bed at Mitra Keluarga Bekasi at the very day of the birth of our son. After the painful labor at about 2pm in the afternoon, I was delivered to the recovery room. Mom was beside the table and Hiras is at the end of the bed talked to Daddy who came in later in that afternoon. The conversation was about what would be the name of the newborn 3.6 kilogram baby.

Eversince the baby was in 7th month old pregnancy, we already called him by name. Calvin. I was inspired by the naughty Calvin in the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes. No, I was not hoping he would be as naughty as that Calvin, but I always think that Calvin the cartoon had a creative beyond-imagination thinking yet inventive brain. A cardbox which to other kids only to play house for him is a rocket jet took him to other planets… I do hope my baby will be someone with kind of ingenious thinking.

Hiras had prepare another name. Jeremiah. With kind a same hope, to the baby being unordinary. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet had lived his live unconventional. He stood to God’s instruction that made him somehow weird in his environment among his people. Being different is not a sin though, particulary if we stand for the right!

Then, I and Hiras asked Daddy to give one more name for the baby. I did asked him in that room in that hour at that evening. I can not tell how he felt because he just quietly think and spoke of another topics. The answer doesnt came that afternoon though, it came two days after, when it is time for the baby to register for his birth certificate. The name is Hasudungan. Its in batak’s language which means: most loved. So I know he was actually happy that we asked him.

Calvin Jeremiah Hasudungan seems too be too long. Haha…three sylables name? So, we only put Jeremiah Hasudungan in the birth cerficate.

Jeremiah is the only Hasudungan that Daddy ever know. The only grandchild that Daddy had ever carry in his hand, the only he had ever care, and talk to, and eat with, and buy something for, and shop with. I always wished those time they were together is a happiness he treasured before his death, and something we always carry in our memory. After he left, Hasudungan is not only a common name, it is now a historical and a memorial sentiment to the three of us.

What’s in a name?

Here I state that I don’t mind about Mom’s idea to change her name. She has the right (eventhough I still think it is something too shalow, like she is going to be called with different name in heaven? ha!) If only she could remember that Daddy himself had choose his name and his happiness. Once. Was.

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