Steal from Friends

Did I tell the world that my work is overwhelming? Life is never somewhat balance for me. Once I got nothing to do, now I got a whole bunch of different thing. Not only my hands are full, my brain and my heart got same weight.  Surely I am not complaining, this is only to share on how this life playing around me. A wise word: Life is like a wheel, you won’t be all down, there will be your turn to be up! 🙂

When I were exhausted, I always think to be away sometime for refreshing. For me it is bit funny? Don’t you think? When I was depressed of doing nothing, I need and went to a vacation to refresh my tired mind.  When I no longer depressed but physically tired of work, I want the same vacation. For same purpose. To refresh the tired mind.  Have any idea when will I don’t need a vacation? Haha.

In the middle of full desks and four piano class on weekday and painting new house on weekend, I steal these times.  Gathered with friends to throw two surprise birthday party and one TV quiz.

One of my friend messaged us to participated in a surprise party for his wife.  Sweet ya?  This loving couple come to a restaurant that night and the wife didn’t have any clue that her friends already there to sing for her.  Imagined the scene: bunch of people hide themselves behind the doors and curtain, hold their breath and suddenly out to cheers haapyy birthday. Her expression was perfectly mixed by different happiness.  I certainly won’t forget that moment. She is lucky, being loved by a wonderful husband and cheers by good friends.

Another episode of surprise party happened at the very next week after that. For two of our girlfriends. Scenarion played was they were invited for bowling session. Though they were happily invited many people to join them for a dinner after that, we (on purpose) say no!  Nobody knows that there would be a lot of friend gathered to celebrate. We stood by the elevator waiting them appear. When elevator door opened…haaa…ppppy…birtth..ddayy….with sing and cheers and applause and laughter, again I saw a mixed expression of different happiness. From being bit unhappy for nobody say yes to perfect surprise being cheers with lot of friends.

I dont understand why people are sometimes so rude makes nobody wants to be their friends. Having friends particularly those who kind and nice makes your life happier and refreshed your exhaustment.

Last, the same bunch of friends ~~actually only the girls~~ agree to participate in a TV quiz. The quiz itself is a common one, to entertain stay-at-home moms, hosted by two young man ~~which eventually one of them quite unfavorable :D~~  I amazed to see the enthusiasm, the happy expression, the togetherness, the crazy ~~haha~~ which only comes when we are together untied by our daily pressing life.


So, though I already not able to keep my exercise two times swimming a week, and no longer able to wake up late, I am still sane and on my pace.



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