It is so right –nothing is forever in this world but change!

I look back. Nine months ago. Stuck in an office without any important thing to do others than waiting. I worked with unflexible people around, hardly to laugh and all day stared at the computer updating my blogs or playing with my facebook.  Those are times when I install almost every games to my computer and played around the day. I had this boss button on my desktop that I hit whenever I know my boss step out his office.  What so good about life like that? Colleagues knew that I had no load in my desk, so they rudely-dont-care-of-human-right-yet-feeling throw their load and ended up with a thought that I am happily ever after if every morning they throw me to different offices. 

Now, I don’t have to worry about those colleagues. Got new colleagues that evenly as happy as I am now. Nobody dare to throw anything, because they know my load are bigger than they can endure. With workshop projects here and there ~~repeated every two weeks~~, laughter in the air, friendship, busy busy five people in the team, I certainly don’t want to go back to the old office. Though sometimes I do felt overload, I certainly not willing to change it anymore!  Yeah, I totally unsubscribe from gamefish and had to steal time to update the farmville and sunshine ranch in the facebook ~~ooh I addicted to those games, why oh why it wasnt there last year?~~ , but certainly and obviously am a lot happier now.


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