Morning came in a particular fragrance. Jakarta where I live now doesn’t show much of morning dew.  After a very short ten second when you feel the morning, then sounds of public cars are the most you can hear and smokes are the most you can inhale. Fiuh.  Still morning fragrance is something I thankfully enjoy everyday. Each morning in my experience has brought their different unique spirit. Beats the routine and conventional ways.  Took me to new horizon of insights just by their fragrance.

Another time in the day when I feel peace is the evening. A short ten second before the sun down. When the sun is not shiny sharp as in noon anymore and the night wind breezing up.  Many times when inhale the evening air, I felt my burden lifted up.  Feel relax and comforted.  For about three years I decided to spent those precious time in the swimming pool at least twice a week.  To absorp all the beauty and freshness of the time, and sometimes celebrate the sunset.  I hope I will be able to treasure those in a bottle and open it at noon? 🙂


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