Me cheerfully say hello: “Hi J, what are you doing here?” and tap his shoulder.  He didn’t reply.  So I repeat the greeting: “J, hey, you are so serious, what’s you are up to?” This time J look at me and snapped with words I would never forget: “Shut up, you are reseh!”  Reseh is a word to define a behavior of someone always stick their nose into anything.  I was shocked, but I manage to smile and made a bitter laugh, in thought that he was joking.  He was not, and another person by our side say the final words: “Hey, he already said you are reseh, why don’t you ashamed, how come you could still laugh?”

I was ashamed.  True.  Shocked.  In other way. I always thought that we have a good friendship before that scene.  After that, I was no longer take him as a good friend nor spoke to him any words. He didn’t say sorry at all ~~nor another friend that told me to be ashamed~~.  I don’t  regret. 

What I want to share here was the fact that the scene brought me to a new dimension of friendship.  I started to be picky to choose my trusted friends.  And started to limit my cheerfull attitude just for some people, only. My close friends, I believe, will consider me as a funny or humorous person.  But people won’t see it at first glance.


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