Check Up

I did prepared for this medical check-up.  No,  not about health.  I prepared questions. For two years in row, I received a notification in my medical check-up result said: Obese.  The result said I suffer obesity.  Three weeks ago, while chit chat around the lunch table I told people about that fact, and they said: “What? maybe your result was split to some other”.  My colleague then take the responsibility: “Yes, maybe your result mixed up with mine.” 😀

Then, this morning I relied the same message to the physician that examined me.  She was writing when I told her about my obese result.  She stopped writing and look at me for ten second then said: “No, you are obviously not obese.”  So I asked: “Why the result didn’t say that?” She said it might because the IMT ~~my IMT only .3 over the standard~~  but then realized that I was telling her something.  She paused and think then laugh.  Knowing that she ~~or her company~~ made a hurtful mistake.   See, there is a way to being in obesity.  Someone have to way up to a severe overweight before it.  As a physician she said I am not obese while the result say it is.  What’s that? Bias?  How I will be able to believe other results when I know this one is not right?

Standards are good.  Bias is to be consider.  Mistake is ter-la-lu.


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