Work Update

If any follower of this blog suddenly realize that it has been a while I didn’t post anything about my office….yes pals, thats true.  I am now in a stage of happiness of the current situation.  Office is no longer something burdening me like before.  I don’t feel any hesitation when step to the office nor the headache that usually accompany my morning wake.  It is so different with six months ago.

I am no longer on the annoying emails about toilet.  Here, whenever the toilet is not clean, people just pick their receiver and call the cleaning service.    For me, the way of  make others feels uncomfort of being in a certain office by brag them to kitchen or keys or habitual issues other than office related is an abuse.  And I do think the habit of never reply to our emails is a way of undestimating.

Actually, this institution is somewhat weird for me. Let check about this, every employee had a transportation benefit. We are about to pick up and drop off to work from our home everyday.  Sounds good, if you are not experiencing a particular person who so selfish to have all other rider wait for her every morning, or if you are not experiencing a snoring rider, or a loud radio or else. Sometimes I got to conclusion that transportation was not a full benefit because other than thankful of it we got headache.

Check another weirdo, one job vacancy required a university graduate applicant classified in class 8, another vacancy required high school graduate applicant granted the same class 8. There are no significant rule over who doing what or what skills for what job.  No such a professional assessment or good knowledge of  human resources management.  No such kind right man in right place!  The people who supposedly think about those maybe more busy in checking toilet hygiene practice than work performance.

But I am still here away from the twister and putting a shell over me so I won’t see all of those insanity but my comfort zone. Aaah…


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