I wrote the particular posting in my diary more than ten years ago.  When I started my blog I post it with a good thought this blog reflects my own personal things.  I talked about my university years when I met and befriend with Lingling. 

She is now in US already for ten years some while we keep in touch by sending unregular email.  I sent her all the link to my blogs since she was my best friend.  Despites what had happened in our relationship I always treasured her honesty and trust her.  At the beginning of this week I got a message in my blog. From Lingling. Comment on one of my posting.

Relieved me! I was bit traumatized by some people harshly pointing their fingers to somewhat my personal opinion in my blogs sometimes ago.

 Lingling is really a friend!  Her message was a mature reply with a deep understanding of  human attitude and simply ~~even without those sorry words~~ a balm to my heart.  She is all what I expect.  She is definitely a person to be choose to be a friend.. 🙂


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