Wedding in Theory

When attend a wedding I somehow thinking to myself: why so long and why so many people and why so complicated.

Wedding start with music. For many years, I only heard piano.  This past ten years, I hear violins, sometimes clarinet add to the harmony.  What I don’t like from a wedding is when the pianist was so amateur and not able to play grand. The crowd would simply talked other than listening to the music.

One of the groomsman will usher the parents of the groom to their seats in front of the church. Then after that in the candlelighters.  Two boys or two girls or one girl one boy will march slowly and lit all the candles at the two sides of the altar.  After they finished, the music will change to another song, let the Officiating minister, the Groom and his bestman enter and stand in the front side of the altar.

A bible boy ~~many times a very young boy~~ will march slowly carrying the minister’s bible.  Walking through the aisles with all eyes on is something too big for a boy.  They might start running or crying in a while. 

 The bible boy is follows by the Bride of Honors.  After handed the bouquet to the groom, she will stand in another end of the altar waiting for the bride, while the rest of bridemaids-groomsman enter.

Music will change again. To the Bridal March.  Let the flower girls ~~sometimes two, sometimes four, and sometimes accompanied with little boys carrying bells~~ shower the petals from their buckets and crowd will stand to welcome the bride.  Many years ago, the bride walk the aisle with their father only, but now, they walk with both parents.

See how complicated just the opening of the wedding.  Before the bride and the groom face the minister and the altar?  I was a coordinator of few wedding and experienced a hectic time, when I had to coordinate many people to be on time for the ceremony.  Not saying that sometimes the bridemaids has no breakfast yet, the flowergirls had mood-swing and flat tire or traffic or hundred other reasons. 

I myself prefer to have one couple of bride maid-best man for all.  For a shorter time and a more quiet ceremony.

A song will accompanny the groom and the bride walk to the altar.  I myself has mostly heard the women choir sang a song in sumatran dialect on this slot.  The sermon may take around 15 to 30 minutes.  Some minister took an hour ~~well, almost no bride pass out at this time, but I can tell that they no longer remember the sermon a second after it ended~~

Then the bride and groom will say their vow, and the minister will bless them and pray when the Lord’s Prayer sing.  This is usually being the ultimate time of the ceremony.  Everybody quietly listening to the prayer and the song ~~and chat again after amen~~.

Next is the closing part.  The unity of candle and expression of gratitude to parents of both of the newlywed.  Then end. Congratulation and go to reception.

Well, other than the complication of involving a lot of people in the marching part, we usually had another complication of  many people would like to sing in the wedding!  Indonesian family are well known for their close network.  That is why the wedding coordinator usually take one member of each family as wedding participant, musician or singer without considering their quality 🙂 

Church members add to the the complication when they offer their song.  If the bride and the groom attend same church means one choir, if different church means two choirs.  If parents attend the same church we could breath normally but if parents attend different churches it could be more than four choirs offer songs. Imagine!


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