First, Temples

My favorite places.  First, temples.  Second, churches. Third, beaches.  Lets start from the first. 

Borobudur and Prambanan, central Java, Indonesia.  I went there many times but never have enough of it. I like to see the majestic form of Borobudur, climb up to the peak of it, walk through the relief bas, see each statue though all look the same and take pictures of it.  So admire the architects who designed it of their mathematical accuracy and their cultural understanding.  Prambanan is another masterpiece that I adored of  it coordinated arrangement.  Its similar tower, distance of each other showed a great understanding not only in cultural but also in life philosophy.

When I visited Thailand, I saw some old temple in Ayutthaya.  Mostly bricks material so different with Borobudur and Prambanan that made from stones materials.  But those Ayutthaya’s has a similar beauty and comfortable feel that I always feel when it is about temples.  I like to see the symetrical composition of it and amazed how they were able to think about something to majestic like that.  The taste is particular what usually we expected from royal anchestor. 


Siem Reap in Cambodia had plenty of old temples.  Angkor the most famous and its surrounded.  Was an old city with temples and other functioned building like a terrace of the king.  The temples are different with those in Java and Thailand, but brought similar feeling to me.  Feels like I would never had enough.  I get those pattern again, repeated symetrical composition, accurate mathematical coordination, relief bas, stone walkway and molds.


I simply lost in three days full exploring each of those temples. Amazed, adoring,  admire, fascinated, awestruck, astonished and something among those feelings.



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