Makes Everybody Happy

Impossible!  you think?

Our morning bus following a weird route every day. Other than following a good road to the office, it goes further to the southern part of the city through a bumpy bad road to the outer ring road connecting the area with the city.  The whole journey will take at least one hour, many times is more.  I was tired of it, and think a change will be good.  From a unformal conversation with other bus rider, I know that they have the same tiredness and want to have a break.

I talked with the Bus Office and they followed it up well. 

But I don’t like the way of the change.  Suddenly in one morning, the driver muttered about change a route and rudely yelled at me: “Okay, Ibu A, we have the agreement, I would not have anymore complaint!”  I was so disturbed by his behavior because I didn’t make a complain but a suggestion.  I have to admit that I don’t really like his behavior ever, but so far I manage to ignore it as long as the service well.  I don’t like they way he was giving an impression that I made a complaint!

Then, one of the bus rider start to whispering to another person, and I feel more not convenient.  She abruptly shows her hatred toward me by a very good looks in her face.  In matter of fact, my suggestion create a better solution. Shorter route, earlier arrival and a fresher mind ~~at least to me, but tell me who in this world prefer to go further route to feel happier?~~ I might could understand her because she such a friend with the driver, but I don’t understand why so good solution is to treat as trouble?

Glad I talk with Bu D who gave me a good insight of the situation. She said: if it is right, close your eyes and your ears, hear not see not… Yup, true, could not make everybody happy,  just make myself am.


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