Ibu Kita Kartini II

Every April Indonesian woman will celebrate the birthday of  Kartini. The thinker. A lady with great thought beyond her binding doors. She always wanted for woman be educated and have the freedom to decide for themselves.

Hundred something years after she died, some things are changed but some remain the same. When women do has the freedom to decide for themselves, whether they wanted to be an educated, many of them  just plainly surrender their fate to their family or their husband. I know many of those girls who never think that continue their study, or finished their high school or set a good chance is a goal.  For them live daily to eat and wait for a man to marry them is enough.

You will think I am talking about many girls and women live in the rural areas? No. I am talking about those live in urban. Our urban neighbourhood offers a lot for perseverance.  Talk about school, nowadays the government open free schools. Talk about university, the government had the open university with a very cheap tuition fee. Talk about courses, there are many institution offers cheap courses with scholarship and intership. 

But many times I learned that this is not about money. Even those ‘the have’ who never experience hunger think as shallow as those uneducated-because-poor people. Read about a mother who let her young daughter married to a prince?  I didn’t think she was stupid until I heard what she said that she let her daughter marry the prince because they were having a premarital sex! She was afraid that no other man will willing to marry her because she no longer a virgin! Owch come on!  It may happen many years ago in Indonesia, but certainly not now. It might still happen in the near east but not here where we live!

I sometimes think that some women so desperately wanted richness so they marry an old rich man ~~as the third wife and unlegally married~~  is uneducated woman. But I of course is wrong, when read the news about a man who ordered a murder to another man of jealousy because that other man was able to marry a young caddy!  I myself was not think the story is true, but if reflect a somewhat (always) happen.  The case of young girl married old man is still happen, the case of un-legal marriage is still happen, and worse to it, the girl is an educated person.

Whoa! I wish Ibu Kartini is still alive, to see that her thought is goes beyond the island reached the heart of westerners but not even get to the ears of our very women.


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