Miss the Place

I visited this place last in my vacation package last December, and I found this place is my most favorite one.  My first night in the city was not so nice, I stranded in a land where almost everybody I chat with speak no English, and I don’t read Chinese.  I hardly find what place to go and where to stop, until I met two Canadian tourist who kindly show the way.

The morning is super. I followed a walking route. I start from the Leal de Senado or Senado Square.  The Senate building is across the square, but I choose to skip it and following the lined ceramics tile. Call me uptown. But I rarely step on decorative ceramic tiles. The steps brought me to some branded stores and a church. Painted green with yellow door and windows.  I went by and follow the signs that then brought me to different places.  Another church called the Cathedral. Painted cream with green door and windows with two towers.  I went it and sit in the wooden seats to enjoy the feeling of being in a God’s house. In the altar a statue of Jesus carried a cross attracts the tourist to taking pictures. Across the church, I sat on the bench and enjoy their christmas decoration.


I went back and follow another sign to see an amazing ruins of a very big church.  The front of it was large and strongly built to carry a great structure. There are steps to reach the Ruin of St. Paul.  I saw the statue of their Saints and climbed the stairs that brought me to a higher level and enable me to see the crowd surrounding the ruin.  Another climb up brought me to the summit of a peak where a fort is by the side of the church.  Though the bird view to the city was not astonishing, I could feel such a happiness to be able to sit there and feel a freedom.

My paths after that ~~and after that day~~ brought me to different churches. A great yellow church with two large towers and bells on it, the St. Domingo.  In St. Augustine,  I adored the ceiling. Curvical with pillars and candeliers.  I sat in the seats for about 30 minutes, sit still and say my thanks to God who loves me beyond what I could imagine.  In St. Lawrence I adored the blue dome with symetrical decoration.  Again I sat with my head up to enjoy all and every single details of the dome.  In Lady Fatima, I gazed to the old painting in the wall, after climbing up to the summit of the hill where there are a chapel and a lighthouse.  In Lady Penha, I saw the sunset get to the water reflecting a yellow ray to the blue sky and ambience of  bright orange to the water, while I was admiring the nice building of the church with one tower, some crosses on the top of it and some curvical windows that never failed to makes me gasped. 


I loved the old buildings, a theater, another smaller square where the local people sit and chat, the road, the air, the chinese houses and a temple among those churches. I love being walking all day enter all public places and no need to pay any entrance or admission fee! What a place.

I was not only clean my hatred, but experience a new beginning miraculously. I don’t need any strange thing as a sign that something is different yet I know I am.  So don’t call me exagerating when I miss the place so much!



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