Again I have to thank the advance technology called email, facebook and the thing called high school reunion. Many years, I just browsed, and browsed the google without a good result to find a best friend, Anggi.

Anggi and me shared about four years of friendship. We used to walked home together from our school ~~we went to the very same middle school and high school~~ We shared stories, our passion to books and music ~~both of us play piano~~ because in many things we shared same view.

 I remember clearly one day she brought me a doll as my birthday gift.  She was not so good in sewing, but she made one herself.  I know she doesn’t have much money, but she spent wisely and tried hard to make the doll nicely and memorably.  My heart was broken some years ago when I realize the doll was thrown by my mom for one reason. 

I met Anggi again through emails last year.  I was very happy. Feel like every puzzle of my past had fall to its places. It is complete. I don’t need to do anything on it anymore!

My happiness was then more complete yesterday, when I met Anggi. The very friend that has not change in these years.  We still shared same stories.  She has a mature face yet a childish look.  Wisdom of the years reflecting from her smile and her words are the very same with what I heard eighteen years ago.



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