Walked Through My Life

My one fondest memory of my childhood is that I was always walking from home to school and back.  My father sometimes drive us to school if it is very late in the morning, but most of the days, when no rain, I walked.

Fortunately, I always got a school so closed to home. Most was about 1.5 km from school only.  Sometimes, when I was sooo tired and lazy in the morning, I started walking about 5 minutes before the first bell ring, then run to school. I would reach the gate by the second bell. No time to talk with friends anymore ~~no wonder I was so health back then~~

There were many interesting things on the way.  In the morning, I will passed a park. In the night the homeless use this park as their bedroom. In the morning, I meet many of them, get out from a small gap out of the park sleepily and smelly. Hmmfff.  Many times I met those insane-homeless. Crossed the street might been best thing to do.  Did I tell you that I would pass two private schools on the way?  I was busily crossing the street again and again, because I also don’t want to walked in front of those school’s students.  They were made rude comments about my school  ~~knows that I went  to a good public schools 😦 ~~

In the afternoon ~~funny that I don’t remember ever walked under the sun~~ I used to walked with some friends. I enjoy the walked because we were able to talked and walk slowly ~~no run like in the morning~~  One of my friend walked so slow, while another friends walked fast. A friend like to asked us to go to bookstore, while the other one just desperately wanted to go home instantly.  True that many times,  we walked bit further than our home, to a destination and mostly to the bookstore.

I like to walked through the mayor’s office complex. There are big trees, a quiet park, and a fish pool.  My brother and I many times stopped by the pool and just played with the (dirty) water.  I love the big trees, with its big roots out on the soil. Many people we met said there are ‘someone’ in that tree and forbid us to played there.

I remember well how much walked I took in my childhood.  I walked to my friend’s house about a kilometer from home and cross the railway.  I walked to the center of the city.  I walked to church. I walked to almost every destination I want to reach. 

In my dream last night, I walked those pathway again and again. As I wander through my life and feel so bad of my achievement.  I know those paths makes me wiser.  I know those paths makes me happier. A big contribution to my insanity. Owwch.


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