A Big Tree

I still remember well of a big tree.  It grew in a field by my house. It might not that big, but in my childhood memory it was soooo big.  In my childhood fantasy, I was in such a forest, with that big tree as my fortress after a hunting all over the place ~~back then there were a part planted of banana trees at the other side of the fied~~  In the year 1970s, there were no fences. My neighbourhood is like what today called exclusive-cluster housing compounds. Everyone keep an open front yard, and anyone was able to passed through if polite.

At the end of the field is a housing complex. Several small houses with a small alley between them, connect my road to another road behind the block.

My mom always took those alleys whenever we went to some places. I remember that alley very well and many times it comes in my dream. When I walked I could hear the sounds of water from under my feet, as the waste channel was there. Many times it was not only the sound of the water, but also the smelt of it is on the air.  The water was on its way to the small river that was before the next block. The alley was dark, wet and dirty.  Right and left there were doors. Door to someone’s room, door to the common bathroom, and to a coffee hut.

As I grew up, I use that alley much for shortcut. My friends then know about that alley and used it much. 

Little by little something change in that neighbourhood.  A landlord bought the whole land, had the tree down and change it to a parking yard, then bought more to expand his store and the development were on and on.

Now there are no remains of it anymore.


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