Carry On

By the long weekend of general election ~~where our names is not on their list~~ and easter, we went to a friend’s house in Bogor.  They own a hectare of area where there are some fiels planted with different fruits trees, corn and rice.  The place was nice, in the foot of the mountain of Salak. In the afternoon we walk aroud the field, and in the morning we climbed up a bit to the mountain.  The mountain is nice, with pines forest and a very nice fountain flow to a small river. The children were happily got to the water and swim!

The Sunday after it, we celebrate Jeremi’s birthday in a restaurant in Pondok Indah mall 2.  It was not only his birthday was celebrated, but also our 10th anniversary and a welcome to our sister the newlywed.  I am happy where all the family could gather together, talk and laughed. Really not happy with arguments, unsatisfaction and unnatural withdrawal behavior.  I am glad we might get over what happened in the past and carry on a better future.

With those things around and some others, I keep the thought  that even I have a routine working hours my life never so routine!   Though I went through the same road everyday, do my midweek prayer meeting in same place everyweek, never things goes so easy.  Those makes me not easily bored ~~means, if I bore, something must be so very wrong!~~

My friends always have something to celebrate. Once someone’s birthday, another time a friend’s come in to town!  So once we gathered to eat a Thai food and other time we gathered just for a sip of drink.  Once we go to the old town area just for enjoy the situation, talk and take some nice pictures, other time we sing all along!  Spend time with them is kind a precious moment when I could be totally myself.

By this week, our office conduct a workshop that involved a number of people from over Asia and Near East. Organized it consumed most of my time and lots of my energy. I don’t have enough time even for lunch.  A whole day I focus on different kind of things, walk to different offices back and forth and totally exhausted by the end of the day. It give a good balance though to my dynamic life.

A long good friend left a note in my facebook: “I saw your pictures, and your life is colorful!”  Hopefully, since my heart is now.


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