A Productive Vacation

Last week was school holiday. Before, I don’t really feel the different between school day and school holiday, because I saw the same people, handle the same things no matter what days are.  But here, in a different office, school holiday means everybody is on holiday left the office completely empty.  And nobody complaint of the emptyness, they just took their time ~~I feel definitely happier here~~

Consider that, when my friends invited me on some different activities, I said Yes! 

First, the shooting course!

Though it was only one week announcement, the excitements raised to its boiling temperature. We were invited to practice shooting by our old friend ~~a high school friend~~.  I myself didn’t remember him well but  for us it didn’t really matter. He is now the head of a batallion located in an area in Bogor and a shooting champion.

That was the very first time I ever handle a gun.  I saw people in Hollywood movie handled it, and see that they are very easy there I though it was not difficult.

It was actually not. When I was given three bullets none of them shoot the target 😦  Though I tried hard to shoot right, still it is deviant.  When given chance to try a bigger gun and feel the iron on my shoulder I thought I was lucky don’t have to deal with those things for live. First, I am not good in safety practice, and second I am not good in shoot itself! It was definitely not my talent.  But the experience gave me good insight indeed.

Second, the outboundholic!

I always have the height phobia. Ow, remember when I told you that I took the elevator in Macau tower? It was allright for some while until I reach the height where the door of the elevator goes transparant and we could see the land down. Ouch. I suddenly run to grab the back of the elevator wall, fortunately I was alone inside so nobody witness.


The first step of the outbound was okey, it was only few meters from ground.  Later, in a route called Black Lane, I have to hardly control my heartbeat ~~guess it was stop beating at some point?~~.  I have to reach a tower 28 meters from ground, and hang on flying fox about 21 meters from ground. It was physically challenging to get up and mentally challenging particularly when see the ground was so farrrr…oohh…The first step to get down and let myself hang just by three ropes, and the way to another tower through some rope’s bridges and some crazy wooden bridges that keep moving by the wind is the best crazy moments… braveness is nothing there!

Yet after it was end, I think it is good! Haha…always that way.  Two times physical exercises in a week ~~not count my swimming class~~ makes my vacation productive. At least I want to think that way!



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