She won’t be Back

The church members visited the lady and pray for her. Though she was not our member, she was a regular visitor and live so nearby. She was about to admitted to the hospital for a caesarian surgery on the next day. She was nice. Talking about her plan to invite everyone for a retreat to her another house and invite the children to swim in.

On the next day I read a posting in the mailing list. She was in coma of bleeding after the labor. And on the same day, another posting said that she passed away in the afternoon.

Nobody could say no to death. Though she was so health before the labor and she paid the best doctor in that hospital to taking care of her, something could be wrong in just term of second. 

I saw some bad labor when I visited some remoted area in the past, where there were no such a term called sterile, where there are no doctors or where nothing could do on a certain difficult case. Certainly she was not exposed to that situation.  Yet, she died. With all of the advance technologies, it could be the late blood transfusion, it could be the wrong doze of drugs, or could be a wrong decision and could be anything.  Who to be blamed?

We only could feel sad and regretfully put the children in our thought.  Talking about it over and over to ease our own pain and say a comforting words to the family.  As for her, she won’t be back.


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