When we walked from the doctor’s office to the cashier, Hiras told me that in his dream, someone told him that he would only be cured if using a certain drug which was prescribed by the doctor.  He was seeing different doctors, spend quite much amount of money without a good result, and now talking about a dream.

But then after a while, as I see he was going better and better, I started thinking about how much we should belief in our dream.

I used to dream about the next day exams when I was in school. I could see clearly the questions and in the morning after I awoke, I used to seek the answer on the book  just in case the real question would be those.  Almost everytime it was the true questions precisely to the order. In the beginning I was amazed but later by the years by I was more scarry.  In some certain period I saw terrible accidents and people dies in my dream which come in real by a day or two. 

That when I struggled and prayed not to have a kind of dream. I was afraid to sleep, and then became a light sleeper eversince.  I don’t care about then I would be unable to ‘cheat’  on exams through my dream as long I don’t see accidents and death.

But then dream still disturbing to me because of symbol and interpretation.  Indonesian has a lot of traditional legends to interpret dreams ~~Freud was not an expert compared to them :P~~  People says if your teeth broken in your dream that means illness or death.

I had those dreams but I certainly think it was not related to illness or death. I interpret it as a sign of  something is on my way of  comfort zone. For example, one time I was so fond to have a servant in my house to take care domestic works. In one night I dreamed that my tooth is broken. The next day the servant asked to went home because she was not happy.

Thoughfully, because many years ago I already turn up all those dream-things, I want to be always thinking that dream is dream, nothing more than that. No symbolic meaning, no interpretation need and nothing became real. Can I?


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