Reason To Marry Her

Almost everyone who commented and advice her were on an angry-mode to her husband. Some tell her to left the husband, some else advise her to work on the relationship, but they are all agree that the husband is kind of crazy.

The woman post the story about her marriage in the mailing list. She was just married when realized that her husband had another woman in his life. She confronted her husband just for being told that she is not the love of his life but the other woman. Her husband did not marry her lover because both of their families was not approved the particular relationship.

Well, I somehow think how crazy is to decide to marry a woman when he is in love with another?

The woman told us, her husband said that he is still in love with his lover, because that other girl brought him a loving and longing feeling.  Owwch

For a woman ~~particulary a newlywed~~ those words are a sharp knife cut to deep of the heart. No woman ever willing to share their husband aka their lover aka their partner to another woman ~~as no person, either man or woman will be willingly share their private precious and only belonging with others~~ 

Though there were been declared and campaigned time to time in some particular religion that polygamy is a good way of get to heaven for women, eros would never let any sharing feeling, in love and marriage.

Her pain is easily understood as much as the hardness to understand the husband’s reason.  Marriage has many reasons, mostly because of love, some of money and a little of being no-choice.


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