Emotionally Mature

Many times I was wondering of me myself  ~~I mean, in thinking of the constant critics to my personality~~  I know it is very true the saying that there is nothing you can do about being older, but you always can choose about being mature.  I make an effort to be mature because I know that is important.   Though I don’t want to hide my feeling because I want to be like or loved just because I am, I still think I need to do something.

However to me, it seem I only among small numbers of people who realize the importance of it. 

Today I heard a story about a distinguished mother which remind me again of that question.  She has a distinguished creative character when in the same time is a distinguished principals of children education. One day her children were playing with a neigbour’s children.  As they played, one of her child hit the neighbour child which make the mom said: please play without hit each other. As of sudden, our distinguished mother took both of her children back to their place and stop socializing with that neighbour for a certain time.

I could easily said that she is not mature, though I could not be judge of many different situation I might not know. 

Just recently a person was in a phone conversation with me, of anger, without resolving she just cut off the line.  In another time another person was in a conversation with me, and of anger, she yelled at me and call me names. 

While somehow I am growing to be a wiser person, to handle my anger without raising my voice, many people that I know were still think that it is okay to yell. 

While somehow I am growing to make the big problem small by a taken action, some people I know were to make the small problem big by secretly spreading gossips.

And when I learned that those kind of  suddenly-left-the-room, suddenly-left-me-when-I-talk, suddenly-cut-off-phonecall-without-goodbye, are not mature by stop doing it, many people still doing that, and think that is worthed to the other person to suffer it.

For many years I always in a low-heart mode by never talk about myself and my achievements as a sign of maturity, but for many people I am still a  proud.

That’s why I think that only small amount of people think that being emotionally mature important.  Nobody in this world less exposed to problem and anger.  The different is their way on how to handle it.


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