Thinking of Suitable Work

Is there any work that includes kind of physical activities to keep my good health? ~~I am not talking about carrying heavy things or moving around those big boxes here :P~~

I do miss the times my vacation. I like what I am doing now, but I miss those times when I have enough time to walk around and have good place to walk.  I used to spent up to 8 hours during the day just to walk around.  My particular preference is the hills, the temples and small towns.  In not-so-cold winter, I walked around and take pictures.  Those activities gave me a strong heart, a slim waist and flat tummy 🙂 

I remember those times when I have to walk around the city to monitoring community development’s thing.  Seeing my pictures on those years, I know that I have a better figures then. That makes me thinking that it kind of suitable work for me…

But I don’t have much choices now.  How to beat this kind of office life?  I have to working hard ~~again and ~~ to keep that figures that I want. In only two months, I feel my tummy was not as flat as then in December 😦  though I keep my three days a week exercise, ouch!


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