That’s Okay

Santy said: I saw your facebook pages and your pictures there, somehow I got an idea of your friendship life, better than what you told me.  You are a nice person, with colorful life and many friends.  I do want to verify this because the situation is so different in this office? 

I laughed and made a joke.  That is kind of a question that I want to hear from someone in this environment. Yet, I don’t have a good answer to it. 

The situation is this: people in this office think that I am weird.  Annie is a jutek person, never smile, never talk, mayble too proud. In overall she is a person with unfavorable personality.  To make things more complicated, the HR persons always underestimate Annie’s capability by keep telling her and people around that she is not competent. 

Just by nature, let me ask these questions. How you can be smiley if you are not happy? How can you talk if the conversation is always on something rude about sex? How can you be cooperative when you are expected to follow an unwritten ABC guide to toilet practice? Those only simple things that taken back the nature to reveal one’s personality.  I did choose not to follow the stream and stand by myself. The risk to it is to be called weird ~~which is okay for me~~ 

After that happen I know about people’s view and what in their thinking, while they know nothing about me.  I can read them while they unable to read me.  Don’t you think that is fun? 😀


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