Life’s Exercise

Every now and then I accept the particular news of being transferred to another place.  New place means new life.  Another challenges and another deals.

I remember the first five years where we lived in a kind of remoted housing in eastern of Jakarta.  To reach the main road, I have to take a public van which many times is so slow or pay the becak that cost three times of van. The nearest proper fitness center where I was a member is 10km from our house.  To drive that distance, we many times had to face the traffic jam. Fortunately, the health center was next to the mall where we could access the supermarket or any other necessities easily. That situation made us  spent much of our time out.  Once we are home, there is not much to do than sleep 😀  The funniest are our neighbours. They usually put their laundry in our frontyard or on our gates and many times they plucked any fruit they like from our trees ~~I am sure I don’t miss it~~ 

Compare those with my situation now. Our second four years in the heart of a developing area in southern Jakarta. Though I don’t go to the fitness center anymore ~~there are some, but I change my exercise habit~~ I enjoyed the near and cheap public swimming pools.  Very near, only 5 minutes from home. Supermarket, music lesson center and other shops are also only about 3-5 minutes walking. Don’t need public transport or becak while sometimes we ride the motorcycle just because we are too lazy to walk. Our neighbourhood guarded 24-hours. Our neighbours kind of individual people but fit my lifestyle. I consider them as nice people. We spend our time mostly at home. Whenever we need something, we just pick our phone and made a call.  Traffic jam around is not so heavy.  

Why we have to change it?


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