Was In LauRakit

Hiras told me a story of his high school. When I went to the best school in town, he went to somehow an unique school in Lau Rakit. That is a remote area in the mountain of North Sumatera.  Being the place of the tribe of Karo.

That high school was quite far from his home, and accomodate dormitories for its students.  There are two dormitories. One for the girl and the other for the boys.  Along in that complex are the classroom, teacher’s guesthouse and the principal’s house.  I don’t know how the girl’s dorm looks like, but from Hiras’ story, the boy’s dorm are wooden walls with concrete floor ~~don’t imagine those filled-concrete, these were just a simple concrete~~ Each room was to accomodate three students, one bed, with a desk and no cupboard.  So, they will sleep, sit, study and … cook there! Yes, each students resposible for their own daily meal. There were no dining room. Every semester, their parents will gave them rice supply and some money for food. I can tell that those kind of life is difficult but I can understand that. As for people who lived in the village, food is simple. Vegetables and fruits are around them.

What also unique (and silly) was that there was no bathroom in the boy’s dorm.  About few meters from the dorm, the can go to the river for washing and bathing ~~not only washing, sometimes~~.  Hiras told me about their not-recomended disgusting hygiene practise 😛  that was  using open places as their toilet ~~ I asked him whether his campus was smelt and how many got diarrhea :D~~

Do you know that famous book ~~or movie~~  Laskar Pelangi?  The story about a batch of children in an island in Indonesia who was fortune to has a willingly teacher. Though their school was not  a sophisticated one and was under the shadow of another high-level school, they was able to explored their childhood at their very best.  The pictures of their school was a wooden house with leaking roof.  Simple desks, simple books and no uniform need because they were poor. 

Pretty similar with Hiras’ high school and gave kind of similar insight. Hiras was not achieve a should-be best student’s ability during his high school, yet he got another view of school-life. Struggling to work while studying in kind of unproper place.  He enjoyed a fresh breeze in early morning work and suffer night wind when patrol along the school.  He got the chance to explore around those beautiful mountain and caves, and learn how to survive himself in a young age. Learning from the environment and from nature.


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