Guilty Feeling

One day I was sit in the exam room. I study well on it’s last night so I don’t have to worry of not able to answer the question 🙂  Some of my friends did cheat from their notes or asked a neighbour, so I think it will be fun for me to exhanged the answers with a friend.

That was what we did when a teacher stepped in to the class.  He brought a note and writing something in it. We did stop the exchange-service at that moment actually, but the teacher kept looking at my direction and wrote notes.  The he approached me, and asked of my name. Ouch! I must be caught! But, why it was only me? What with the other person?

The teacher then announced for some names that he mentioned to come to the Main Hall after the exam. I was totally lost of my concentration. Good that I was done.

Later, after I and many students gathered in the Hall, I understand that it was not about being caught cheating! 😛  That teacher was assigned to gather some students to form a national-costume unity parade. He chosen me becccausssee among those students, I had a tall-slim-nice figure just right to be in that parade!

It’s been kind of long time I am free from those kind of guilty feeling ~~I never cheat :D~~ but, when I know that somebody making mistakes and they feel that guilty feeling, I think I can understand. I understand the heartbeats and the worry, though the result or the action was then something differ from what expected by norms.  Though I am not able to totally forget ~~as lead by forgive~~ I can understand.


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