From Parenting

Our parenting class is kind of gather-together moment ~~as if, we had never had enough time to be together then~~ I was glad  that I attended because I then knew that my own very friend has an amazing good great knowledge ~~I hardly believe that we were in a same class back then in 1990~~ 

She told us of the importance of 2-first year of life emotional bonding. I read of this topic many times, made literature research about that and even had taught many people in some villages of the topic.   I was many times felt the frustration of seeing those young mother ignore their babies. I was  trying to encourage them or trying to made them understand how important was that emotional bonding, but only slight good result had come back to me. 

Until that night, I never felt so lively about it.  Maybe because I don’t feel so lonely in that belief anymore!


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