He Made Everything Beautiful in Time

I am so happy that I took those 3 weeks annual leave last December.  Not only because I got refreshed and enlighted by it, but also because I now realized that I God himself had work through me.  I did made a good decision!

At my first day back to work, the HR manager called me.  The whole conversation is kind of  crazy.  She blames me for this and those ~~as usual~~ and was actually not listening though I tried to explained the situation. At the end of it, I agree to fill another position in another office.

What could be better? I am now working far away from the sight of that creepy person.  I am free to use the toilet.  I don’t have to worry about anything here.  No underestimating look, no crazy repeating toilet-use-instructions emails, no hypocrites ‘how-are-you-going-but-keep-move-on’. I am now free.  A free eagle in a free jungle.  I got new things to see and  new people who respects me. 

A nice break then a nice beginning.


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